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Happy #WorldMicrobiomeDay 2021! 🎉 Let’s celebrate all the ways #microbes help us in our daily lives, their diversity & raise awareness about how they can contribute to a sustainable future. Find out more at
🤯 #DYK that if you weighed all the living organisms in the ocean, 90% of that weight would be from microbes?
🦠🌊 Microbes are essential for a thriving ocean ecosystem! Just because they can’t be seen by the naked eye does not mean they are not important.
Many rivers & soils are contaminated due to the excessive usage of chemical #pesticides & #fertilizers. It is time to look for other alternatives! ⌛️
🦠 With their ability to naturally boost plant growth & control pathogens, #microbes could be a great replacement! #biopesticides #WorldMicrobiomeDay #Microbiomes4Life
Producing more food with fewer resources may seem too good to be true, but farmers have trillions of potential partners that can help achieve this ambitious goal.
Those partners are microbes! 💪 #WorldMicrobiomeDay
#Microbes have played a pivotal role in enabling life on Earth as we know it.
Without their efforts in eating up carbon dioxide & producing oxygen by developing photosynthesis, our world would have no breathable air, and it would be extremely hot! 🔥 #WorldMicrobiomeDay
🦠 Microbes make life on earth possible. We must learn not just how microbes affect #climatechange but also how they will be affected by climate change and other human activities to achieve an environmentally sustainable future.
The unseen world of #microbes is filled with untapped potential! 🦠
More and more we are recognising them as a huge natural resource that can contribute to re-establish a healthy balance between nature, #foodsystems & people. The future of the planet also depends on microbes! 🌏
Ever wondered how your #compost is turned into that nutrient-rich soil where plants grow on?
These are #microbes working their magic!🦠♻️
Microbes can convert waste into useful products such as compost, biofuel, biogas or bioplastics.
🤔 Slowly but surely, scientists are beginning to discover that microbes produce a variety of health-promoting compounds that could serve as potential therapeutics in the future. Also, by eating fermented foods that are full of live microbes, we might benefit our #gutmicrobiome and boost our health!