Fermenting competition

Thanks to all the fermented-/food lovers who have shared their favourite recipes with us! This year’s winning recipe, and cover of our booklet, is Bren’s Kim Chi, submitted by Brendan Collins from the north west of England.
Brendan is a public health researcher and makes electronic music in his spare time. He loves fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut (he is half German) and yoghurt. When he makes a big batch of kimchi, he gives it to family, friends and neighbours as his young family have yet to develop a taste for fermented foods. He reuses all of his empty jars. Brendan received a copy of Dearbhla Reynolds excellent book “The Cultured Club”.
If you wish to get fermenting and enjoy the health benefits these foods have to offer, don’t forget to download our booklet here.

Drawing competition

How do microbes and their communities look like?
We’ve asked children to draw them in their environment and these pictures are the result. Aren’t they cute?
A special congratulations to Chloe (age 12), Conan (age 11), Elsie (age 9) and Oisin (age 8)– winners of the drawing competition who received either MRSA or Gut Check cuddly toy prizes sponsored by Giant Microbes Inc. Chloe, Conan, Elsie and Oisin all took part in summer science camps at the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science at University College Cork.

Agar art competition

Microbiology is an art! Take a look at the masterpieces on a canvas of agar jelly submitted by scientists from all over the world.
This year’s winner is Vasiliki Bikouli from Greece who will receive a special 3-D printed Millenium Falcon Tube Holder for his beautiful sunset drawn using Salmonella and Serratia on XLD agar.