Fermenting competition

Love to ferment? Share your favourite fermentation recipe with a picture of it by the end of 12th July 2019. We’ll combine the best recipes in a handy booklet that will be shared on our website. The winning recipe will be featured on the cover of the booklet and receive Dearbhla Reynold’s book ‘The Cultured Club’.

We will announce the winner on 18th of July. Get fermenting!

Drawing competition

Draw us your favourite microbe or your microbe community in its environment, be it in humans, animals, in the water or in the soil.
Win a microbiome cuddling toy from Giant Microbes. If you want, we’ll even write a short article about what you and your school class did for World Microbiome Day 2019 on the MicrobiomeSupport website.

Scan your drawing and send it to us by the end of 12th July 2019. We will announce winners on 18th July.

Agar art competition

Fancy drawing a funky picture on some agar plates with your favourite microbes? We’d love for you to share them with us!
Submit your agar art picture,  and get published on our gallery.
Submissions need to be sent by the end of 27th June 2019 and the winner of the contest will receive a special  3-D printed Millenium Falcon Tube Holder.