Join us for our competitions in 2020! We have got something for everyone:
The deadline for submissions is 14th July and winners will be announced on 21st July!
For the adult competitions, we will have a winner for each of the two competitions, and winners can expect a 100 EUR amazon voucher and a World Microbiome Day T-Shirt!
For the kids, we will have three winners and each winner will receive a copy of Katie Brosnan’s ‘The Gut Garden’, a beautiful illustrated book that showcases the microbiome.
We will also showcase all entries on our website and promote them via our partners.

Sourdough (bread) making for adults

Harness the power of microbes present in the environment to develop your own sourdough starter and bake some excellent bread. Submit your best shot of your sourdough adventures to enter the competition and share your recipes, experience and photos on social media with the hashtags #WMicrobiomeDay2020 and #DiversityMatters.
Winners will be drawn at random.

Microbe drawings for kids

Grab your colouring pens and a sheet of paper, and give us your best microbial drawings. We want to see diversity this year. Diversity in microbial shapes and colours in their communities, or the diversity of environments in which microbes exist, … shows us why you think microbes are magical!
Our judgement criteria will be:
  • Originality
  • Use of colour
  • Does it represent diversity?

Diversity photography for adults

Give it your best shot as a hobby photographer and show us what diversity means for you when it comes to your favourite ‘microbial diversity’-related shot. Be creative when it comes to diversity: it could be diverse microbes, diverse environments microbes live in or the diverse fibres microbes feast on!
Submit a photo of what ‘microbial diversity’ means to you with a short (100 characters max.) written explanation.
Our judgement criteria will be:
  • Photo quality of the final result
  • Originality
  • Does it represent diversity?