Become a #MicrobiomeAmbassador

#MicrobiomeAmbassadors declare their microbe love publicly to raise awareness of the potential microbiomes have for healthier people and a healthier planet.
Anyone can be a #MicrobiomeAmbassador: be it whether you are a kid that loves gardening with your grandparents or baking bread with your Mum, a citizen that is excited about microbiomes, a foodie that loves the gut microbiome or whether you are a student or researcher in the microbiome field.
  1. Print the ‘I am a #MicrobiomeAmbassador’ sign.
  2. Take a picture of yourself with the ‘I am a #MicrobiomeAmbassador’ sign.
  3. Optional: Add the picture and reason on why you love microbes into this easy-to-use template & save the PowerPoint slide as .png.
  4. Post the picture and your reasons why you love the microbiome on one of the following channels:
Note: The hashtag #MicrobiomeAmbassador is a campaign initiated by the EU project MicrobiomeSupport. This is a social media campaign aimed at all microbe enthusiasts to share why they love microbes and their communities (a.k.a microbiomes). World Microbiome Day takes it a step further and gives scientific researchers the opportunity to submit their microbiome stories under the same hashtag.