Microbiome Ambassadors

Submit a headshot of yourself, a photo of your work or of you working and a short story (150 words max.) explaining why you are researching or working on microbes for our professionals’ contest.
We’ll publish you as a #MicrobiomeAmbassador on our gallery together with your story! the best story will receive Dearbhla Reynold’s book ‘The Cultured Club’.

Stefanie Wetzels

Emmy Van Daele

Michael Schloter

Daria Rybakova

Marcus Boehme

Jorge Nuno Pinheiro

Gabriel Vanderola

Fergus Collins

Francois Blachier

Trevor Charles

Rafael Souza

Martin Vazquez

Orla O’Sullivan

Vanessa Las Heras

Md Shakhinur Islam Mondal

Emiliano Salvucci

Pauline Scanlan