Become a #MicrobiomeAmbassador

Our #MicrobiomeAmbassadors will be featuring in 2021 again, too. Come back by late May to find out how to share your microbe love this year. In the meantime, check out our last year’s winners’ amazing microbe poetry: Kelly McNagny and Yane Valdez’s ‘Ode to the Microbiome‘.
Note: The hashtag #MicrobiomeAmbassador is a campaign initiated by the EU project MicrobiomeSupport. This is a social media campaign aimed at all microbe enthusiasts to share why they love microbes and their communities (a.k.a microbiomes). World Microbiome Day takes it a step further and gives scientific researchers the opportunity to submit their microbiome stories under the same hashtag.

Anni Moore

Shruti Shah

Caterina Carco

Ylenia Heinrich Sanchez

Bijayanta Sircar

Chesneau Guillaume

Tassia Torres Furtado

Dhruva Kakkad

Perrine Portier

Ilario Ferrocino

Kelly McNagny & Yane Valdez

Mery Piña

Inês Azevedo Moreira

Benedictta Chinweoke Okeke-Nwolisa

Andrea Pinos

Frank Duan

Laura Payling

Surajit Pal

Roland Lawson

Maria Mendoza

María Ángeles Núñez Sánchez

Dimitris Tsaltas

Stefanie Wetzels

Emmy Van Daele

Michael Schloter

Daria Rybakova

Marcus Boehme

Jorge Nuno Pinheiro

Gabriel Vinderola

Fergus Collins

Francois Blachier

Trevor Charles

Rafael Souza

Martin Vazquez

Orla O’Sullivan

Vanessa Las Heras

Md Shakhinur Islam Mondal

Emiliano Salvucci

Pauline Scanlan

Isabelle Ibrahim

Naomi Strout

Graciela Vignolo

Alena Pribyl

Mathilde Poyet

Esther Kumar

Christina Tsai

Simon Spichak

Darragh Quinlan

Miguel Fernandez de Ullivarri