World Microbiome Events

On World Microbiome Day public engagement events are happening worldwide to celebrate the wide diversity of the microbiome and its importance in human and planetary health, as well as in our food system.
In 2020, if you are organising an event, please keep in mind potential restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We encourage all of you to organise and join online activities on social media platforms should you be unable to organise an event in person. We still encourage you to celebrate WMD2020 in person at a time this year, when it is safe to do so. For 2020, the “Diversity” theme now includes a diversity of dates on which events can take place so that people can celebrate whenever it is safe to do so, to promote the amazingly diverse world of microbes.
Are you planning your own event on microbes? Share it with us by registering below. If you are having any trouble submitting your event details, please contact us at and we would be delighted to add your event to the map.
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