Microbiome Events

On World Microbiome Day, public engagement events are happening worldwide. We encourage you to organise and join activities (live and online) and help us raise awareness of microbiomes, whether by creating engaging educational materials, presenting research on microbiomes in an engaging and easily understandable way, or sharing interesting facts and stories.
Are you planning your own event on microbes and would like to promote it here? Share it with us by filling in the form below. If you are having any trouble submitting your event details, please contact us at info@worldmicrobiomeday.com.
Want to organise an online event on social media or other platforms? Brilliant idea! Here are some suggestions on how to plan your virtual event.

2024 Skin Microbiome Summit

Ste. Anne's Spa 1009 Massey Road, Grafton, Ontario, Canada

Envision skin as it should be. Explore the exciting opportunities that new findings in microbiome science can offer your practice or spa. Register now to be at the forefront of...