The Animal Microbiome - Quiz

The animal microbiome in livestock, domestic pets, and wild animals is strongly influenced by their diet. Herbivores get most of their energy from the breakdown of plant sugars done by microbes in the stomach. The microbiome of carnivores can retrieve already-synthesized proteins and nutrients of other animals’ tissue during digestion. These important findings in animals have the potential of adding to the understanding of human health.
Do you think animals can survive without microbes? Try to solve these 5 questions and advance your knowledge on animals and the microbiome.
Question 1
Why can cows digest grass and humans cannot?
They have special bacteria
They have multiple stomachs
They have four legs
Question 1 Explanation: 
The bacteria allow cows and other grass-eating animals to digest the grass made material, cellulose. Humans don’t have these bacteria.
Question 2
Why do some insects have a special organ called bacteriome?
To provide essential nutrients and energy
To store poison in case of an attack
To help with pollen intake
Question 2 Explanation: 
The bacteriome is a special organ that hosts bacteria providing essentials such as vitamins and amino acids.
Question 3
How many bacterial cells are in 1 gram of intestinal content in mice?
10 million
10 billion
Question 3 Explanation: 
Mice have up to 108 bacterial cells in 1 gram of intestinal content. In comparison, humans have 10 trillion or 1013 bacterial cells in the body.
Question 4
What is the difference between a dog and a cow’s gut microbiome?
More individual microbes present in the gut
More diverse microbes in the gut
Microbes can get protein and nutrients from meat
Question 4 Explanation: 
The gut microbiome of dogs (carnivores) can retrieve proteins and nutrients from meat (animals that were eaten as food), whereas cows (herbivores) cannot. The different microbiome specialization means that food sources are less limited and allows different animal species to thrive.
Question 5
How much of their energy do plant eaters such as horses get from the microbial breakdown of plant sugars?
Only a limited amount
Around 50%
The majority
Question 5 Explanation: 
Diet influence the microbiomes of all animals. Plant sugars such as cellulose fermentation will provide 70% of the energy for herbivores or plant eaters such as cows and horses.
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