Vanessa Las Heras

University College Cork

My study focuses in the mechanisms of interaction between the host and the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. Given that Listeria has one of the highest fatality rates among foodborne infections (20-30%), it is fundamental to understand how our lifestyle may be affecting our susceptibility to infection. My project has a novel approach that aims to consider the host diet as a fundamental parameter in susceptibility to infection.
I believe that the symbiotic relationship between the host and its microbiota is fascinating, especially because of its relevance in the context of intestinal health. In the complex interaction between the host and foodborne pathogens, the microbiota represents a fundamental protection against infection. This means that the microbiome could be key in the development of novel approaches to overcome infections with pathogenic bacteria.
It is therefore necessary to increase awareness for the microbes living with us, as they are here to help!