Surajit Pal

Pondicherry University

Several strategies in this diverse world convinced me to indulge myself in the area of life processes going on around my surroundings. I do mesmerized by the biological entities of the nature. Human as a “Bioreactor” holds a huge population of microbiome living within them, in their mouth, over the skin, in the gut, are helping a lot to not only digest the foods that we eat, in fact, they also supply essential vitamins, break down toxins and metabolize drugs and so many. Having an experience of more than five years in the field of Microbiology I came to understand the beauty of microorganism. As we all know the intestinal microbiota has been coevolved with the human host to perform enormous directly or indirect activities that regulate one’s physioco mental stability, metabolism and attitude. So we could rarely deny the enormous contribution of microbiome and their close associations often help to combat the other infectious diseases.