Mery Piña

Institut Pasteur (France)

Microbes are marvelous organisms, although they are tiny, they can do impressive things such as changing the atmosphere of the whole planet! For my taste, the most amazing microorganisms of all are viruses: highly efficient with a reduced genome. I made my early research in hyperthermophilic viruses, which have extraordinary morphologies! Today, I work in a Biological Resource Center (BRC) that collaborate with European projects like IS_MIRRI21 and Research Infrastructures like Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) to preserve, study and distribute microorganisms. My job is to provide scientists with high-quality microbes for their research. The existence of BRCs around the world is essential to have access to reliable microbial resources for control experiments, teaching, vaccine production, diagnostic tests or quality controls. BRCs are also relevant to ensure long term preservation of the microbial organisms whose habitat is being affected by changes such as global warming and habitat loss.