Martin Vazquez


Depression is one the leading causes in morbidity worldwide. Indeed, 350 million people are affected and almost 3 million people die annually. Microbiome and depression are interconnected through the gut-brain axis. This dialogue is based on waste products from the bacteria, neurotransmitters and the immune system as actors in the interplay. Gut microbiome dysbiosis correlate with depression in animal models but data from human clinical trials are scarce. We are very interested in analyzing the correlation in humans.
To that matter we first developed a gut microbiome database of control subjects consisting of 300 hundred individuals from four major cities in Argentina. Our assay is named MicroXplora. Using MicroXplora and its database we aim at develop a small proof of concept trial with 50 patients suffering from depression under medication and with the administration of 1) a controlled probiotic (Probiostick) or 2) placebo, and another control group of subjects without depression administered with probiotics.
We aim at identify gut microbiome biomarkers using MIcroXplora indicative of patients who will benefit from the administration of medication+probiotics. All the information regarding the protocol will be posted in our website.

Principal investigators

  1. Tomas Maresca, MD, psychiatrist.
  2. Martin Vazquez, Ph.D. clinical Genomics.