Dhruva Kakkad

Nirma University

I am a #MicrobiomeAmbassador because…
God and microbes are the same, found everywhere, they are omnipresent. The reason one can love microbes is they are found everywhere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, other unusual places like hydrothermal vents, volcanic regions etc. The reason why one can hate microbes is because pathogenic ones can do blunders. We love microbes as we need them for routine & industrial purposes. None other than a microbe can be resistant to radioactivity. No other organism can metabolize oil spilled in waters except those invisible creatures. Plastic eating bacteria may be the most essential ones to solve the global plastic problem. We, students of masters do try to find soil samples and observe microorganisms under our laboratory microscopes and then move on with our dissertation research. We examined specific compounds to test whether they act as therapeutic agents on antimicrobial resistant organisms as antimicrobial resistance is a worldwide problem today.