Christina Tsai


I am a Ph.D biochemist with 7 years experience in the microbiome field. I founded a company in developing bacteriophage therapy for treating Staphylococcus aureus infection, called EpiBiome. I joined another company using gut microbiome test to provide lifestyle recommendation. I recently spend more time using video and writing review articles to educate people to understand the importance of microbiome.
A few months after my daughter was born, I got urinary tract infection and had to use antibiotic to treat myself while I was nursing. I noticed my daughter’s skin issue (eczema) is more than her older sibling. I think it might be the residual antibiotic from mother’s milk changed her gut microbiome. I have been helping her to reconstruct her gut microbiome by having healthy vegetables, berries, and probiotics, and avoiding processed food. This symptom has to be well-maintained, but it’s not totally eczema free. I would like to use this experience to tell people that oral antibiotic can be harmful to the gut microbiome. It should be used for precaution.