Bijayanta Sircar

University of Gour Banga (India)

I am a PhD research fellow in Zoology, with a specialisation in Microbiology. Currently, I am working on probiotic bacteria isolation, characterization and their bioactivity which may have tremendous beneficial effects on human health.
I am a #MicrobiomeAmbassador because:
I enjoy working with microbes: they are similar to us, yet diverse and living in community.
Some of them are notorious (pathogenic).
Some are soldiers (probiotic) in nature, full of hope, for the battle against those that cause infection.
Some are civilian (symbiotic) living in peace with us.
Microbes belong everywhere from outer skin to inner core,
Yep, microbes are not visible to the naked eye whether they are friends or foe.
I love microbes to satisfy the sum of million flow.