Andrea Pinos

Universidad San Francisco de Quito

I am from Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse country in the world. My country’s economy is based on traditional agriculture and non-renewable resources. As a consequence, the biodiversity is at risk highlighting the necessity of alternatives to protect and conserve it.
When I started to study plants diversity I realized the importance of the interactions between the host plant and its microbial communities in the health, productivity and capacity of the plants to persist in their habitats. That is how my fascination in the microbiome world started. We are focus to explore the microbiome composition of an important plant species in Ecuador, it has an extensive use, but can not been cultivated. As a consequence, it remains as a wild species, being vulnerable due to the degradation of its habitat. Our main goal is to use this information and the factors involved in the plant-microbiome interactions with conservation purposes.