Latest Past Events

EMBL-EBI Training course: Genome-resolved metagenomics bioinformatics

virtual EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Hinxton

Learn about the tools, processes and analysis approaches used in the field of genome-resolved metagenomics. This course will cover the use of publicly available resources to manage, share, analyse and interpret metagenomics data, focussing primarily on assembly-based approaches. The virtually-delivered content will involve participants learning via pre-recorded lectures and live presentations, followed by live Q&As...

Instagram Live with Sàsta Skin Health

Instagram Live with the founder of a new Irish skin care brand Sàsta, Michelle Mc Donald, who recently launched a Microbiome booster serum I will be talking all things skin microbiome and skin health with Michelle.

Awareness of AMR

Undergraduate students use the Foldscope to navigate the microbial world and then look for the good n bad bacteria. Find out ways to combat the bad bacteria on the way they realize how bacteria gather resistance n evolve 2form superbugs.