Laura Payling

The Riddet Institute

I love microbes because they are the most ancient organisms on earth. They’ve been around for billions of years and their colonisation is vast. Microbes are found in acid pools, radioactive waste and the vacuum of space! Their versatility is insane, including their symbiotic relationship with humans. Our bodies are home to trillions of microbes, and we couldn’t live without them.
I am fascinated with the symbiotic relationship between microbes and humans. In the 19th/20th centuries we thought of microbes as ‘germs’, but now we strive to bring our symbiotic relationship back into harmony.
My passion is for understanding and reigniting this harmony in the human gut. My PhD research focuses on the billions of microbes in our colon; how they interact with each other, our food, and our health. I see the importance of this in nutrition practice, where I work with clients to improve their gut health.