Kelly McNagny & Yane Valdez

University of British Columbia

Ode to the Microbiome


On Microbiome Day 2020,

A toast to those who have plenty,

Abundant and diverse,

Tis a joy, not a curse,

And to our experts, the cognoscenti


The biome stored in your pooh,

Has forever been there with you,

Protecting from asthma,

Or perhaps, toxoplasma,

Since before you even could chew.


But the rise in antibiotics.

Left life our gut quite chaotic

And the bugs that we need

Were killed by misdeed

Leaving some of your vessels sclerotic


The loss of these biome “police”

Led others to become obese,

For others, MS,

Or if you trust in Cell Press,

Non-alcohol fatty liver disease!


From acute and chronic gastritis

To allergic rhinitis

From liver cirrhosis

To severe halitosis

Or Chron’s and ulcerative colitis.