Isabelle Ibrahim

The Microbiome Research Centre (MRC)

Being a research nurse in Australia’s first microbiome research centre makes me a niche within another niche, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My fascination with the microbiome begun when as a nursing student I landed a role as a research assistant for a biotechnology start-up specialising in probiotic and nutraceutical products. I was totally overwhelmed coming from a degree where my lecturers had only ever discussed pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, to then discovering the vast potential of so many other microbes which impact us and our environment. Every day I would comb through emerging evidence supporting the concept of not only the existence and function of commensal (friendly) bacteria but the ability to enhance health by modulating them. As a registered nurse, I went on to follow my original dream working in intensive care, but all the while found myself continually curious about my patients’ microbiomes and haunted by the disregard that it is often shown in a clinical setting. I am now pursuing a new-found dream working in microbiome research where I play an instrumental role in the development of revolutionary microbiome research which will help the patients of tomorrow. Another significant part of my role is education, a duty I take very seriously as we promote awareness about discoveries in this exciting medical frontier. Find out more about my team here.