Ilario Ferrocino

University of Torino (Italy)

I work in the area of microbiome research at the University of Torino, within the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Science. My main focus is the study of microbial ecology in environment and foods as well as the ones that live in our gut. The impact of microbiome in all the food chains (spanning from soil, plants, food and then the gut) is impressive because the little organisms are able to do thousands of amazing functions that have a huge impact on our lives! I believe that if we deeply understand microbial behaviour we can use the microbiome as an active component in our life. I am currently working in the projects MicrobiomeSupport and IS_MIRRI21 to increase microbiome research by isolating, characterising, preserving and distributing microbes around the world. Our plan is to have a Research Infrastructure called MIRRI where microbial biodiversity can be explored and disclosed to the bioscience community.